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Many people are convinced automatic cars are easier to drive. This is not true. People fail driving tests at the same rate in automatic cars as manual cars. To drive an automatic car you need to be exceptionally good with braking. By not having good braking skills in automatic cars it causes many mistakes such as position, car control, incorrrect ability with steering and progress. All of our students that complete our lessons never have problems with gears and clutchs because our instructors are the best and we know how to explain things well. If you pass a driving test in an automatic you'll never be able to drive an manual car. If you want to learn learn to drive in an automatic we will help you. We run automatic driving lessons throughout city.

If you can pass in an automatic you could easily pass in a manual car!

When it comes to taking your driving test we have the wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the test with our 98% first time pass rate. Our pre test 6hr automatic driving course is tailored specificly on the factors of your driving that will be most likely to lead you to fail. Its very important to be ready early to have right knowledge to perform on the day. Our pre test automatic expert driving instructor will give you the easiest chance of passing your test first time!

easyDrive School of motoring Driving School has a 99% PASS RATE

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