Intensive Driving Course

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**12 EDT Driving Lessons €399**
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Intensive Driving

This Intensive driving course is designed for those in who need a licence in a hurry for employment, world travel etc. and want to learn to drive and pass the driving test quickly. If you held a drivers permit for more than 5 months but have no driving experience this is the best choice.

  • This course consists of 2-4 hours per day over a 5 day period of 10-20 hours (see below) over one week.

  • A 20 hours course is flexible and may be structured according to your own needs.

  • Should you wish to miss out days or arrange additional hours within a day, this can be accommodated.

  • If you are employed during normal working hours, you may wish to take time off for your intensive driving course. We can therefore arrange your twenty hours over five days.

  • Your course can be arranged anywhere.

  • Our driving instructors are intensive driving course specialists ensuring passing your driving test first time, all whilst minimizing the cost.

  • How? Because our friendly, experienced instructors teach a sensible, safe number of driving lessons each day and this is easier to do with intense driving courses. So our instructors are always switched on.

  • We send you to test only once you've covered the syllabus consistently. We'll give you at least one Pre tests before the big Day.

  • But, here.The Leading driving for driving lessons the really good news. Chances are, you'll pay less overall, especially with an intensive driving Course.

  • When you learn with us, we'll give you an honest ongoing evaluation via our Record of Progress of how many lessons we think you need.

  • Taking a intensive Course is the most efficient and cost effective method of learning to drive and pass your driving test in the shortest time possible.