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**12 EDT Driving Lessons €399**
6 EDT Driving Lessons €210

1st EDT Lesson €40



Step 2. Obtain a Learner Permit

To apply for a learner permit you must have passed your Theory Test.

Learner Permit Application

In order to apply for your learner permit in Dublin or Ireland you must apply in person at any one of the NDLS centres located around the country. To view a list of NDLS centers click here.

To apply for a learner permit you must be able to demonstrate that you are normally resident in Ireland; this generally means that you live here at least 185 days each calendar year because of work or personal ties. If you are studying or working abroad you may still be considered normally resident in Ireland provided you return here regularly. Where a person lives some part of the year outside of Ireland the question of personal, family and community ties helps determine whether or not you are normally resident. The Learn to drive age for cars is 17 years old

You can apply for a learner permit test up to three months before it.The Leading driving for driving lessons expiry date. If your learner permit has expired for five years or more you must start the application process afresh and take a driver theory test, mandatory driving lessons and a driving test.

You will be treated as a first-time applicant in relation to a particular vehicle category if you have not held a learner permit in that category within the preceding five years. A first time permit holder will have code 991 on the learner permit in the column marked 'restrictions/information' opposite the licence category.'

Opening Hours

NDLS centres operate from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 2 pm on Saturdays. They remain open through lunch time(1pm-2pm)


The NDLS will opperate at least one centre for every county in Ireland. The NDLS will introduce 34 licensing centres throughout Ireland. The centres are located across the country and aim to service 95% of the population with a centre within 50km of their radius. To Find your local NDLS centre. CLICK HERE


Cost of Pemit

There is no increase in the price of the new driving licence or learner permit.

The prices are as follows:

Ten-year full license is €55

Three-year full license is €35

One-year full license is €25

The cost of a Learner Permit €35. To replace your Driving License or Learners Permit with the new license is €35.



Step 3. (edt) Essential Driver Training